1964 Student Voice (Chapel Hill)

Chapel Hill has always had the reputation of being a liberal Southern town, but during the Winter and Spring of 1964 its image took a bit of a hit. Sit-in demonstrations organized by CORE and the Chapel Hill Freedom Committee at restaurants and other establishments culminated in mass arrests and numerous acts of violence on the part of shopkeepers. Most notable among these were ammonia facials (Carlton's Rock Pile grocery store), cattle prods (Colonial Drug Store, whose proprietor and his son are seen in the poster), and the most infamous case of them all, where the proprietoress of the Watts Motel squatted over one unfortunate demonstrator, and to the tune of "Turn on the hot water, Ma!", proceeded to urinate on him. After two particularly tense February weekends where traffic exiting Woollen Gym after a Carolina basketball game was blocked by demonstrators, hundreds of arrests were made and further demonstrations were halted until a mass trial was held in Hillsboro that April. Leaders of the demonstrations wound up serving six months in jail, and many others were sentenced to 10 days. And of course the Civil Rights Act of 1964, passed while the demonstrations' leaders were still in jail, addressed the whole issue of public accommodations that the demonstrations had raised.

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