1943 March on Washington

First of all, we are well aware that the aborted March on Washington was to have been held in 1941 and not 1943. But the March on Washington Committee itself hung around well after 1941 and did much good work even after it had pressured FDR into introducing a forerunner to the FEPC. This pamphlet hit hard at the essential contradiction of American democracy: its caste system, as rigidly enforced on the battlefield as it was on a Mississippi plantation. The Committee named this "The War's Greatest Scandal," and of course it was. A historical note should be added, and may be known to many reading this: The Committee's National Director, A. Philip Randolph, was also the initiator of the better remembered 1963 March on Washington, which drew 250,000 people. A second bit of trivia worth mentioning is that the pamphlet's author was the much-celebrated political and cultural critic Dwight Macdonald. We also might add that this is the first time in 20 years we have ever come across this pamphlet. It is a true rarity.

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