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The Masses and Its Successors

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1913 August Masses<br>(The Militant)
1913 August Masses
(The Militant)

1913 December Masses<br>(Jesus Christ)
1913 December Masses
(Jesus Christ)

1913 February Masses<br>(Man on Machinery)
1913 February Masses
(Man on Machinery)

1913 February Masses<br>(Soldier Sitting on Worker)
1913 February Masses
(Soldier Sitting on Worker)

1913 June Masses<br>(Gee, Mag....)
1913 June Masses
(Gee, Mag....)

1913 March Masses<br>(The Unemployed)
1913 March Masses
(The Unemployed)

1913 November Masses<br>(Innocent Girlish Prattle)
1913 November Masses
(Innocent Girlish Prattle)

1914 December Masses<br>(Jefferson Market Jail)
1914 December Masses
(Jefferson Market Jail)

1914 December Masses<br>(Winter Scene)
1914 December Masses
(Winter Scene)

1914 June Masses<br>(Class War in Colorado)
1914 June Masses
(Class War in Colorado)

1914 June Masses<br>(War--Not on Your Life)
1914 June Masses
(War--Not on Your Life)

1914 November Masses<br>(Indignant Apes)
1914 November Masses
(Indignant Apes)

1914 October Masses<br>(Amused God)
1914 October Masses
(Amused God)

1914 September Masses<br>(Whom The Gods Would Destroy)
1914 September Masses
(Whom The Gods Would Destroy)

1915  Masses<br>(Isadora Duncan)
1915 Masses
(Isadora Duncan)

1915 August Masses<br>(In Georgia)
1915 August Masses
(In Georgia)

1915 December Masses<br>(Dancing Flapper)
1915 December Masses
(Dancing Flapper)

1915 July Masses<br>Rockefeller Law
1915 July Masses
Rockefeller Law

1915 November Masses<br>(Women''s Citizenship)
1915 November Masses
(Women''s Citizenship)

1916 April Masses (Frank Walts portrait)
1916 April Masses (Frank Walts portrait)

1916 February Masses<br>(Exploding Red Hair)
1916 February Masses
(Exploding Red Hair)

1916 July Masses<br>(Preparedness Number)
1916 July Masses
(Preparedness Number)

1916 June Masses<br>(Glory)
1916 June Masses

1916 November Masses<br>(Hugo Gellert portrait)
1916 November Masses
(Hugo Gellert portrait)

1916 September Masses<br>(Frank Walts portrait)
1916 September Masses
(Frank Walts portrait)

1917 April Masses<br>(Coal Shoveler)
1917 April Masses
(Coal Shoveler)

1917 August Masses<br>(Picasso Parody)
1917 August Masses
(Picasso Parody)

1917 February Masses (Barebreasted Woman)
1917 February Masses (Barebreasted Woman)

1917 March Masses<br>(Woman in Profile)
1917 March Masses
(Woman in Profile)

1917 May Masses (Frank Walts portrait)
1917 May Masses (Frank Walts portrait)

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