College Admission Essay Topics to Avoid

The thing that is fascinating about this list is that these are also the same topics people use out there. College essays are very difficult. When we say tough, we do not mean the essay’s writing process, but we mean what to write about. But what is the reason why most students write about topics that are very boring out there? Is it because students lack creativity? Not really; students are very creative. Or is it that student’s lack gumption? Now some students make it a point to write thee own kind of essay. For most students, the problem is narrative, which starts the focus of the essay. An example that I can give is writing about one’s trip to a certain place, rather than writing about the trip’s experience. When your story is plain, like just writing about the trip, not the experience, it will look boring.

Some of you may think that writing is easy. And that you have the words that you are going to use to write the essay. Take a pause and look at the following examples of the topics that you should avoid.

Topics you should avoid

  1. Summarizing accomplishments.

College essays and life have a similarity. None in this life prefers a braggart. The topics are broad, and they bore the reader. You may be a person who has many accomplishments, but this is the part where you let your essay speak for you. Let the person reading know and understand you from your experiences shared in the story. It will now make the reader draw an assessment of what he thinks of you. Of course, most people do not like to take a log of commands from others. They also do not like people to control their thoughts.

  1. Highly sensitive or polarizing topics.

The topics that one can avoid in this section are similar to those on the Thanksgiving holiday tables. I.e., religion and politics. Avoid talking about sensitive topics even if you are zealous about specific topics. It is because you are not sure of who may read your work. All that matters at this stage is to find yourself in college.

  1. Sports.

These are the kinds of essays that must not appear in the admission essay. It is because when you talk sports, it(sports) is predictable. Everyone knows the way athletic stories play out regardless of the sport or story. Think again and look for very rare topics, and that most people are not researching them. Most administrators in the admissions have heard many stories about the victories and defeats in the sports stories. They are tired of pretending that they care.

  1. Humor.

It is another one of its kind. There are those students who to be funny. Try to avoid the jokes and leave them for another time. A student may possess a funny in their archives, which is fine. But writing admission essays are different. Ensure when you want to be funny, you have a reason for it, not just throwing jokes anyhow. It is not healthy. If you write your essay and the joke naturally comes out, that is fine. If it doesn’t work out, do not force the joke where it is not supposed to be. The officers at the admissions will not find it funny. So joke when necessary.

  1. Stories about luck.

We understand. We know that you have the blessings, and you recognize them, which is ok. However, when you bring information about an essay, it does not make a very great essay. It is boring to read such an essay and may result in rolling of eyes. So a piece of advice to students who will start their essays is to stop thinking about it.

  1. Volunteer trips and experiences.

It is one of those topics that are very common in schools today. A lot of admission officers receive such essays, which makes it one of the most boring essays. No one wants to know how your vacation was moving. It is because a lot of people already have in mind what trips, volunteer experiences look like. As you are very free to write about the trios you have experienced, it is not advisable to write about the only trip you had in a place but combine other experiences. Try to bring out the part that people do not expect of the trip.


There are various topics out there that one must avoid. But these are just a few. But the bottom line is thought of something that has not happened before, something unique.

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