Main Hints for Writing a 500-word Essay

One of the most common assignments is writing an essay, and learning all the rules or requirements can be a bit tough. If you can’t cope with all your assignments at once, order cheap essays at service. There are so many different types of essays, which also means that your paper’s length could also affect how you write and complete your report.

The length of a 500-word essay 

The several factors that constitute a 500-word essay include the type of phone to use or how big you tend to write. 

You may have questions about the number of pages such an essay could take. If handwritten, a 500-word article will take two or four pages, and if you type using a 12-point font, you will take around one or one and a half pages. Of course, you won’t write precisely 500 words, as you may have an additional 50 or 100 extra words. 

The amount of time it will take you to write the essay 

The standard rule does not spend too much time writing an email, but it mostly depends on the topic you select. If you have a piece of background information about it, it will take you at most 45 minutes to prepare for an essay. In case the topic is not familiar, you will have to conduct further research and spend about an hour making your paper. 

How to write a 500-word essay 

Writing is similar to any other essay, and the five-paragraph structure can get utilized in writing a 500-word essay. You need to have a standard organizational pattern to write your paper. Waiting, you could also check some of the samples for the same essay type if you have doubts. 

Developing a 500-word essay structure 

A 500-word essay would include five paragraphs. In case you haven’t written such an article before, you’ll have a challenging moment in getting used to the word count. Here is how to develop your structure: 

  • Introduction 
    It tells the audience the topic you’re about to discuss. It should cover the meaning and points of your text and also must contain a thesis statement. Students get advised to start writing the paper’s body to avoid leaving out any necessary information then finish up with the introduction. It may sound somewhat confusing, but it is helpful since you will know the vital points that you should cover once you have written the body. Remember to keep the introduction short and informative and avoid sharing your thoughts or giving a detailed story.
  • Body 
    It is the main section of your paper. The body gets divided into three blocks, usually in line with the points you discussed in the article. For a 500-word essay, it will be a bit hectic to discuss many matters in short blocks, and therefore it is advised that you choose the main ideas, which are usually three. Ensure that you prove each point you saying accurate opinions and arguments but keep checking on the word count. 
  • Conclusion 
    Ensure that this section gets written carefully. Please don’t make your audience search for the results or conclusions you’re trying to prove to them. One of your primary tasks as an author is, to sum up only the most relevant and critical points to ensure that your readers understand the idea that you’re trying to put through. You can also try and persuade your audience using trigger words in your conclusion or sharing your perspective. 

Benefits of a 500-word essay 

It makes your instructor’s work easy to check through the papers.

It is the best option to train students in line with conducting research and building logical structures. 

It is an excellent exercise to instill brevity, which is an essential skill of speaking and writing in a short form with a few words. Better Express your thoughts most concisely and leave out irrelevant information or filler words.

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